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What is Probido?

PROBIDO is a natural female sexual or libido enhancer. It is now available following many requests from our faithful long-term customers for an all natural high quality herbal supplement designed solely to enhance the female sex drive.

PROBIDO may help do the following to enhance your sex drive:

Naturally enhance female sexual desire.
Naturally increase and quicken female exual arousal.
Naturally and significantly enhance length of female sexual arousal.
Naturally increase sensitivity of the female genitalia.
Naturally enhance ease to achieve female orgasm.
Naturally increase strenght of the female orgasm, also made more effective combined with kegel or exercises of the muscles of the pelvis or genitourinary system.
Naturally enhance ability to achieve multiple or cascading female orgasms.


What Causes low sex drive in Females?

The causes of a low sex drive in females are poorly defined. Several factors may impede the sexual response cycle, which requires physical and psychological stimulation:

Emotional problems; distraction
Negative body perception

How does Probido work?

Probido was formulated to increase blood flow to the clitoris. When women become sexually aroused, blood must flow to the clitoris and surrounding organs to enhance relaxation and widening of the vagina opening to permit sexual intercourse. The womens clitoris acts like the males penis to create an erection. When there is insufficient blood flow to the clitoris, sexual intercourse can be painfull and dissastifying for females.

.Can Probido slow down the menapause stages in women?

Women looking to put an end to hot flashes, night sweats, memory loss, mood swings, weight gain and low libido are turning to Probido as a safe alternative to hormone replacement therapy. Probido health care professionals formulated and designed Probido to naturally aid in the suffering of menapause and to prevent premature menapause. However, understand Probido cannot stop the biological clock, but it may enhance the sexual desire to women of all ages.

We have also received testimonials that Probido has severely aided in the PMS cycle for women, releiving themselves from the known symtoms that can severely disrupt a women's lifestyle every month.


Are there any side effects?
No. Probido is a Natural herbal supplement that will not interfere with other medications or disrupt birth control. However, because the herbal ingredients have effects on the entire sexual system, some women notice a slight increase in breast size.

Is Probido available at my local drug store?
Initial marketing research indicated that due to the sensitive nature of this subject matter, many customers would initially prefer to purchase Probido from the privacy of their homes (by telephone or website)

All orders are shipped in a discreet package.

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